ParticleMaster inspex online

LaVision’s ParticleMaster inspex online probes are specifically designed for particle and droplet characterization in industrial processes such as 24/7 online and inline production monitoring. Sizing parameters as well as particle statistics are communicated to the production environment continuously or on-demand. Common communication protocols enable easy integration to the production line.

ParticleMaster inspex online
System Features
  • in-situ particle imaging: size, shape and velocity
  • detects particles and droplets in liquid and gaseous flows
  • rugged IP67 design
  • fully automated 24/7 operation
  • machine control via common protocols (e.g. Modbus)
  • particle sizing down to 4 µm

The ParticleMaster inspex online is factory calibrated and IP67 sealed for use in harsh environments. It features reliable in-field operation and easy maintenance. Optionally a hygienic housing for food industry applications is available. A number of probe configurations allow particle sizing down to 4 µm.

Product quality and process monitoring after a spray drying process.
Measured Quantities
  • size, shape, orientation, perimeter of individual particles and droplets
  • velocity and mass flux from double frame images
  • extensive statistics: D10, D32, Dv10, Dv50, Dv90, etc
  • size histograms, scatterplots

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